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Dorr Research Corporation is a marketing research firm, established by Richard S. Dorr in 1969 and headquartered in Southeastern Massachusetts. Aside from longevity in this often-temporary business world, Dorr Research is unusual in a number of ways.

In fact, with apologies to David Letterman, here are the Top Ten ways in which we feel Dorr Research is differentiated:

10 While providing virtually all types of full-service marketing research, Dorr Research retains the mentality and flavor of a research consultancy.
  9 The principal, Dick Dorr, is intimately involved with each assignment and is the day--to--day director of every project.
  8 We often function as advisors to clients at both the front- and back-ends of projects, offering counsel on the most actionable directions for research and working with clients in developing strategic responses to research findings.
  7 The implicit partnerships we form with many clients sometimes install us as ex-officio members of a client's strategic "team" and frequently result in long relationships with a very high rate of repeat business.
  6 In a self-survey, clients considered our top attribute to be that we are "diggers" with keen business sense and marketing logic, honed by years of experience with clients of every description. Our perseverance and analytical skills were credited with ensuring that clients have highly actionable results.
  5 Dorr Research does not specialize in either qualitative or quantitative research but conducts many studies of each type every year.
  4 Dick Dorr is a nationally recognized and published pioneer in qualitative research methods, particularly in-depth, one-on-one, "intensive" interviews. His personal immersion in more than 6,000 intensive interviews and 1,400 focused groups has given him a unique "feel" for which questioning devices work and don't work in a given circumstance. His quantitative questionnaires benefit from these respondent-empathic instincts.
  3 Our empathic nature extends to the information-gathering field organizations who work with us around the country and the world. We have been on their side of the fence; we understand their perspectives; and we maintain excellent relationships with them.
  2 We are methodologists who respond eagerly and creatively to the challenge of research objectives that cannot be addressed by conventional approaches.
  1 We genuinely enjoy interacting with clients and believe in being frank about what research can and cannot do well. Consequently, we take pride in the fact that our business relationships have spawned many personal friendships.

It may not have the panache of Dave's nightly countdowns, but it works for us! This website is the closest we come to advertising or being listed anywhere except the Yellow Pages-because we haven't had to.

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